We’re the ones who traded in 9-5 stress for self-made success, and we’re never going back. Because the freedom of working when you want, for who you want, and for how much you want is something most people only dream of. And we help you do it. 

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What we believe

You deserve to         work from anywhere,         make good money, and do something you         absolutely love to do.

You already have the skills to start an online business

There’s no prerequisites to owning your career

With the right mentorship and support, anything is possible

 Meet the founders

The college dilemma

Jess and Erin started just like anyone else—doing what they thought they had to.

Go to college. Get a job. Be successful. That’s what we’re told. But Jess and Erin knew early on that there had to be an alternative route to success.

Corporate burnout

 Erin graduated and launched herself into a good career, but something wasn’t working.

On paper, everything was great. But in her mind, something wasn’t. The stress and anxiety of the corporate world started to severely impact her mental health. 

Overworked and underpaid

Jess dropped out of college, knowing it wasn’t what would make her happy. 

So, she started looking for a way to make money. And even with great bosses, she ended up working around the clock for a disappointing paycheck.

New beginnings

There had to be a way to build a more fulfilling life and career, while still getting paid. 

After finally quitting her corporate job, Erin reignited an old spark—working online as a virtual assistant. She didn’t think it could be a full-time gig, but she proved herself wrong.

The catalyst

Erin was so successful that she launched her very own training program. 

And that’s when magic happened. Jess stumbled on Erin’s course, and she was hooked! In just two months, Jess was making $9K a month—all online. 

Better together

Jess and Erin used their strengths to create an unbreakable partnership.

Erin brought her mentorship to the table, and Jess brought the marketing. Together, they set out to show everyone how to achieve what they had.

We’re empowering a new generation of savvy digital business-owners to quit their jobs.

Maybe college wasn’t for you. Maybe corporate wasn’t either. Those jobs aren’t made for you, but this one is. 

Community, resources, expertise

The Digital Millennial graduates are making moves every day, and they want to help you, too. 

Digital Millennials isn’t just a course. It’s a culture and a community. Connect with like-minded digital business owners after you complete the course.