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I feel like the largest barrier for me entering the VA community wasn't that I was afraid of being on social media, but I was hesitant about interactions with clients, like what we should expect of each other, boundaries, etc., and you all helped immensely! I feel much more mentally prepared and confident to enter this workspace. 

Madisen Litton-Johnston

I am going to use this blueprint as my manual to start my own VA business because I do believe everything you need to get started is taught to you in this course, and not even just on a general basis; everything is covered so in-depth. I would've been willing to pay way more for how much I got out of it.

Alexis Thrul

The genuine care of not only Jess and Erin but also from the community of people in the class! I feel as though I have a huge support system now, which I definitely didn't have before. Also the quality time we got with Erin and Jess during the masterclass and throughout the week in the FaceBook group. I'm so grateful that I took this class and I feel much more prepared to launch and scale my business!

Tatiana Fournier

I just wish I would have taken this class sooner. I love how authentic each of you were and how relatable you were as well. Keep up the good work, this Masterclass is a Gem.  


I am feeling so nervous and I have butterflies, but at the same time feeling so empowered to finally chase after that dream life because of how motivating, well informed, and inspiring Erin and Jess were.


I would highly recommend others to purchase this class. First Masterclass that I thought was worth my money.